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Despite millions of people in the UK having an Afro hairstyle, finding a hairdresser to cut, treat and style Afro hair is often a difficult task. Luckily our listings section contains contact details for Afro specialist hairdressers, who can cut, condition, straighten and braid your Afro to keep it in tip top condition and looking great.

Before you get to the hairdressers, why not read our useful hints and advice for caring for and styling your thick, tightly curled Afro hairstyle:

1 – Always use products that are specifically made for the Afro hair type, particularly moisturising or conditioning treatments that will protect the hair, prevent breakage and keep it looking shiny and clean.

2 – Protect your Afro hair from harmful chemical treatments, UV exposure, heat, backcombing and excessive brushing because these can cause damage to your hair. It is worth remembering that Afro Caribbean hair is the only hair that varies in diameter and due to the degree and intensity of its curl, it is the weakest hair type.

3 – Make sure you have a colour consultation before radically changing the colour of your hair. A hairdresser will be able to advice you if your Afro hair is in good enough condition to be coloured, and if itís not, hairdressers will offer treatments to restore moisture to the hair before you have a colour treatment.

4 – After having braids removed from Afro hair, always allow the hair to rest for a few days before having the hair straightened, as this ultimately puts more stress on it.

5 – Consider having a steam treatment to deal with the dryness that is typically associated with Afro hair. Regular treatments of this kind carried out at an Afro hairdresser or Afro mobile hairdresser will boost the condition of your hair, lock in moisture and reduce the risk of hair breakage.

Specially trained Afro hairdressers will be able to offer all the hair treatments and styles mentioned above, as well as offering you specific advice about your hair and hairstyle to keep it looking great.

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