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If you have difficulty getting out the house or work long hours that make it hard to get an appointment at a hairdresser, you should consider using the services of a mobile hairdresser, who can cut or style your hair from the convenience of your home.

Fully trained and experienced, most mobile hairdressers have worked in a hairdressing salon for a number of years before setting up their own mobile hairdressing company. The main advantage of using a mobile hairdresser is that they come into your home at a time convenient to yourself, such as in the evening or at weekends, making it a comfortable and stress-free experience for clients.

Most mobile hairdressers use specialist hair magazines to help keep them up-to-date on new hair styles and techniques, while other mobile hairdressers attend workshops, conferences and exhibitions across the UK to learn of new developments in hair styling, treatment, colouring, etc.

A mobile hairdresser generally has all the hairdresser equipment necessary to create the hair styles and colours that are available in a hairdressing salon, including dome dryers for shampoo and sets, hair colour for highlights, lowlights or full colouring, and hair straighteners and curling tongues for hair styling.

Mobile hairdressers operate across the UK, in locations ranging from London and Manchester to Aberdeen. If you want to find a mobile hairdresser in your area, use our listings section which has contact details for thousands of hairdressers and mobile hairdressers in the UK.

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